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mon morning we dropped crystal off at the airport, she was in newfieland for the week. but most excitedly, we saw BIG trucks. poppy showing nate the trucks
big smiles
nate found some toys under nana's table to play with but not before he lined up all the animals and put them in proper father like son much?
tues we all went on a walk around the neighbourhood. poppy needed quinn's help to pull nate around. quinn was the one for the job

ohhh water AND ducks

i see the ducks, quack. nate can quack a mean quack

quinn just looks at the ducks with an air of indifference, you see one duck, ya seen them all....hah!

almost done the walk and quinn wanted to push nate home.

quinn stopped long enough for nate to quack at some more ducks

quinn needed a rest after all that pushing and pulling

wed we went shopping. nate found a semi-comfy way to rest his leg
we left thurs morning. the rain was fitting for the over all mood. 3 sad ppl waving good-bye in the window. (click to inlarge the pic to see quinn's face)ha.
i am HOME! there is nothing like the feeling of walking into your home after being away for a few days. even better is walking into a CLEAN house. chris left it nice and tidy for me. what a guy.
i am home for the weekend. there is a ladies conference this weekend that i am going to, and nate has his cast appointment on monday, they will take the cast off and send him for x-rays to determine if he needs another cast for 10 more days, or if he's ok to start walking on it. nate is doing good. it was so helpful to have the extra hands around to help out, esp during diaper changes.
the plan is for me to go back up to hali next week, cry has taken a few vacay days and i insist that we hang out and use them wisely. i have planned her days away...good thing she is away in newfyland for work and doesn't know it yet :)
off to unpack, laundry and put things away....which reminds me. bulk barn was closing it's store in hali and i bought 120 bucks worth of dry goods, baking supplies and a few candies....ha. those who know me well, know i will be baking up a storm! wheee!