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hangng with hope

hope won the wed night "best job on their workbook" prize for the jump 7-12's. the prize was to spend the afternoon with us. hope is a young lady who has the gift of chatter, sparkle and laughter.

after church we went for a picnic at the park. then we played on the equipment (ok, i stayed on the blanket and took pic's)
chris and nate went to the slide

it's kinda not really fun to just slide at the park. nate's bum leg prevented him from really playing
then we went back to our place, where we made from scratch....sugar cookies...i tried a new recipe and it worked. the cookies were yummy
chris helped by making us drinks to keep our strength up, good job chris!

icing was made, candy picked. waiting for the cookies to cool before we decorated them

voila. yummy, decorated, candy filled sugar cookies!

nate saw them and wanted one, but i wouldn't give him one

*i did give him one, after he stopped whining. i don't speak whine