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sat's sidewalk chalk

sat morning we held the first evah sidewalk chalk project for the jump kids. i bought 100 pc's of chalk and let them go nuts. for our church this was a huge step of change. i made the above treat for snack. fri night i opened my cupboards, saw what i had on hand and created it. SO YUM.

i lined the pan with large marshmallows, melted choc chips, peanut butter, butter, poured it over the marshmallows, then threw on skor pieces, choc candy, peanuts, and more choc, p. butter and butterscotch chips. then i stuck it in the fridge over night. voila. the kids LOVED it.
you want some?

nate likes it too

so did elisabeth. this child cracks me up. she is so much fun.

some of the creation, with some water running threw it

this is for you muetti. i wanted to prove that i am alive. ha. i am the picture taker, so i have few pics of me