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plays and playing...that sorta thing

who's feet can i see hanging out of my cupboard?

well hello there little kitchen destroyer

yep, first he takes out all my pots and pans, finds a new toy to eat. then proudly struts away from it all

mess? what mess? just another day with the destroyer.
so, we had an interesting weekend. long story short. i ended up in a play that our church is putting on from sun-tues. it ate my weekend up, between practice (fri night, all day sat, all day sun) and the actual performance which was last night, tonight and tues. and teaching on sunday which was super sunday. i spent the weekend at church.
me. in a drama?! for those who know me very well they will understand how this is life changing. i do. not. do. drama. plays. or any form of stage production. i flee like the Israelites from the Pharaoh from this type of thing. but there i was on stage. ohh but that is not all....
i wore a MASK. a MASK. i have this huge issue with ANYTHING covering my face. hands, clothing, sheets and most important. MASKS. there i was, standing on the stage last night for over an hour with a MASK on my face.
i am proud that i was able to grow and stretch this weekend. ha.
chris gave me the bestest gift evah last night. after a long day, a long weekend. i came home, tired and wanting to go to sleep. i opened the door and was stunned. chris cleaned the house for me! he cleaned, wiped and did the floors in the kitchen, dining, living room and hallway. it brought tears to my eyes. i have the best hubs in the world! thank you for the best gift ever!