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my poor little boy

yesterday morning, i took nate to the park, this park was a 20 min walk. we get there, we play, we run, nate then fell off the swing. he only fell a foot, the swing was not moving. but did he ever cry. i knew right away something was wrong, so i put him in the stroller and hiked the 20 min walk in 10 mins...all up hill. we get home, i call chris in. we give nate some Tylenol, gave him lunch....he ate 2 full plates. i was not sure if i should take him in to the emerg or not. there was little bruising, no swelling, no blood. i put him down for his nap, he slept 3.5 hrs. when he woke up he was still not standing or putting any weight on the leg. so i gave him supper and off we went to the emerg.

the emerg dr was AMAZING. love him. it also helped that he was like the cutest dr evah. seriously, this dr was very good looking. back to the story. nate had 8 x-rays done. the verdict- both legs were fractured. the left one was fractured in 2 different places, hence the cast to his hip. the right leg in 1 place-but the dr only wanted to cast the left leg, to make it more comfy for nate. he can't walk so the right leg will heal on it's own.

we took nate for a walk this morning and found some yard sales. chris bought nate an awesome tool kit.

i put a movie on for nate when we got back. he tried to get out of his chair...

but can't. it hurts to much.
so, he's in the cast for 10 longggggggggggg days. he can only sit, no moving, no walking, zadda. i am going to hali to visit my parents....i need's hard to entertain him when there is not much for him to do. i guess he's gonna learn to like t.v over the next few days....and i am sure i will be reading many, many, many books :)


Em said...

Oh my!!! I am so sorry to hear that! Poor baby!

You can disregard my message on Facebook, as now I know what happened to Nate!

What a cutey...and I love his chair!