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battle of the soups!

 my little love. so happy!  i dont even mind my grey hair and wrinkles....i dont mind for real!  which is funny with the whole aging process, my hair is turning white and i like it. im not coloring it! my wrinkles share stores BUT i am NOT ok with my thinning hair. but that is another story for another blog post...

the other day both girls were tired, cranky and came to me for snuggles. i told chris to take a pic so that i can frame have it on my desk as a reminder of all those yrs i didnt think we would have another i have 2!
 nate joined in for fun
 during school today, ellie did a smashing job at keeping herself super busy, she went missing for about 15 mins, i went looking for her and could not find her anywhere!  finally i called for her and i hear this little voice say "polo"

get it? nate and ellie play marco polo and i guess she wanted me to play with her
 the battle of the soups!!
monday chris stayed home from work and decided to make us a soup for supper. it took him a good chuck of time and after cooking for hours, it wasnt ready for supper time so we ended up hitting a drive through....ha

so yesterday we tried it. it was ummmmm today, i took about 15 mins and made a batch of soup for the kids and i too eat's 3:30 and almost 1/2 of it is gone....the kids love it....chris's soup?
 its in the fridge, 3/4 full.....cough.....hahahaha

i win!
this post is totally tongue in cheek, fun and silly

another fun thing, nate now knows how to get onto my blog and has spent the last 2 days reading it. he is totally shocked to read about how he was at 2!  ive been blogging for a long time now, crazy hu!  so i must be careful from now on about what i nate reads it!