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last trip post!

 look what shawn found in the KIDS mad lib book.  a chapter on pure EVIL!  grrrrrrr

joey and ellie loved the park
 running girl
 quinn working on a school project.....nate did NOTHING school related. nor did i.  AWESOME!
 the girls playing
 the girls played so well together. they were often found together giggling and playing puppy
 our flight back wasnt as early, we had to get up for 6 but the kids were tired
 and laid on the floor when ever they could
 joey too
 once i strapped her in the seat joey was out cold
 love, love, love this little girl. SO thankful for her
 boo to going home
 we landed in halifax for 3. it was cold and we had snow. i was not happy
 the long road home....about 20 mins into the drive home, it took us almost 2 HOURS to get out of customs, catch the shuttle and get to our van....the battery light came on....the alternator died. we made it to truro and in the canadian tire parking lot the battery died.  the repair shop just closed and we had no where to go.  after regrouping, weighing our options and calling shawn for his thoughts...we decided to buy a new battery, charge the old one and take the kids to mcdee's to play while we waited...
after the battery charged, we hit the rode, praying to make it home...just before springhill chris said to me that he thinks we should stop and charge the battery at jon's place 15 mins away. so we clled jon and was ok with it. it was 8 by now....after warming up and charging the battery (we drove with no heat on, it was so cold) we prayed to make it home....about 15 mins away from moncton the battery started to die.  we coasted onto our road

when we got to the driveway, we know that if we stopped the car we could nit turn it back on. chris did a quick snow check (we needed to plow the driveway) he decided to back the van up and gun it into the garage

what he wasnt expecting was the snow to hit out windshield!  we coudnt see a thing!  we had no wipers! no power!  wouldnt you know it, the van stopped 3 feet from the wall.  smoking and stinky. we made it home at 10:10

chris spent last night installing the new alternator.  by us tking the risk and driving home we saved over 1000!  chris told me to take 500 for my cruise fund. awe chris. love you!

and that was the end of our trip

im home. it's COLD and there is SNOW and im not happy about it

why cant life be a permanent vacation??????

p.s ignore all typo's. im tired of typing this blog post! haha