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part 2

 cry is the best trip planner. ever. she had these brilliant time and money saving tips and tricks that we was buying a camp site at the disney wilderness camp ground for 60 a night. split 6 ways...10 an adult and we got disney bands which linked us up to easy fast passes, photo memory and the best!  FREE parking!!!  its 20 a car to park each we saved 160.00 on parking alone with these bad boys!!! 

the pool was awesome. i am NOT a water person. i dont like being wet and cold so i dont swim....cont-rare this pool was heated and was HOT, we actually had to turn the heat OFF!  the hot tub was perfect at night!
 the kids swam everyday.  nate lived in the water, i would bring him food to the pool so he could eat and swim at the same time. haha
 we went just before the march break crowds hit.  so we planned to do back to back parks, we did magic kingdom and epcot. took a day rest, then finished up with animal and hollywood studios.  we then went back to catch the fire works at magic kingdom....SOOOOO glad we did this.  the crowds got much busier as the days went by.  we did disney smart and were able to fast pass and catch everything we wanted to see...thanks CRY!
 we brought along this bad boy and man oh man. it was WORTH bringing. 
 love this pic.  walking into the park on day 1 and talking about how happy they were
 we arrived for the opening show at magic kingdom
 dad took jo
chris took ellie
 they were in awe
 my heart
 my kid crew. i love them all so very much
 my little and i
 my favorite memory of magic kingdom. we just got out from seeing belle and dad walks around the corner with this HUGE cinnamon bun. we devoured it. it was SO good and fed us all!
 waiting for dumbo!
 riding together
 happy shawn!
 my little on dumbo.  8 yrs ago i took nate on this ride for the first time.  time flies too fast!