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more school

 ellie's preschool is def play based. when she wants to do book work she knows where to find it and voila...we work on it....while I'm teaching nate. some days it's smooth as butter, some days its like a crazy storm...yesterday ellie decided she wanted to make her letters, at my right she my left nate worked
 then my eyes settled on my energy. my cup of java. oh how I adore you coffee!!!!
 this is a random sample of ellie's work book
 some m's and e's, we are working on writing her name
 then cutting and gluing...
 then I found her like this....hahahaha.... turkey ellie!
 her school drawer is AWESOME.  its still a huge hit with her. I opened the drawer and snapped a pic
 here is a sample of what she plays with.  she takes a tray out and a bag. when she is done she can choose another bag to play with.  most bags keep her busy long enough for me to teach nate
 showing me what she wanted to play with. I do not force this on her, she's only 3.  I let her choose what she wants
 and when she doesn't want to do anything, she curls up in my lap and helps me teach nate. she actually loves helping with the flash cards. ha
 when joey wakes up, ellie is with her. its cool too see how close they are.  here they are playing "marco-jojo" ellie was hiding under joey's chair calling "joey!" and jo would respond with a giggle
 for independent reading, nate is reading this book and is really enjoying it.  he's not impressed that I'm gonna have him write a book report on it. haha. he reads 30  mins a day


Shannon said...

It is unreal how big Nate has gotten! I guess that's what happens when you fall off the blog (my fault). What a beautiful family you have!