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trip part 1

 after 5 yrs of no family vacation we felt it was time to take one with the girls!  this is our first trip as a family of 5!  mom, dad, cry, shawn, quinn and charlie came with us....ok cry planned, booked and did all the work for us. haha.  the kids had SO much fun together. i went into this vacation thinking that the boys will fight like crazy....wouldnt you know it, they got along SO well!!!!  we left tues march 8 as soon as chris got home and drove to the hotel at the halifax air port.  we stayed the night bec our flight was early wed morning.  we  let the kids go nuts when we got there...then had them in bed for 8 bec we had to get up at 3! 
 the 3 am wake up call
 then we went to the air port to wait in some lines.....
 ellie's first flight!  i had the brilliant idea a few weeks ago to carry on ellie's car seat and have her use it during the take off and was a lap baby, free, and knowing joey and how BUSY she is i was like, dude. NO way am i having her wiggly and run for a 4 HR i took the car seat on the plane, and after lift off i strapped joey in ellie's seat and put ellie in my nate, ellie and i shared 2 seats. it worked out AWESOME!!!!
 nate and i seat sharing
 ellie back in her seat for the decent....she used the tray as a foot rest. ha
 we arrived in florida around 11?  and charlie pushed joey.  charlie is such a little mom
mom and dad flew in a few days before us to have sometime alone before the crew of kids arrived. they met us at the airport
we got into the house, joey had a long over due nap and the kids hit the pool.  we rented a 4 suite/bedroom house plus 2 rooms for the kids to share. it worked out awesome. they boys shared a room and got a long so well!!!  the girls shared most of the time. we did have to split them up because they were staying up too late giggling and playing.  i dont think the girls had 1 fight