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trip pt 3

 jo only said "whats that?" and "who's that?" and pointed. she was into everything
 this is my favorite thing about the trip.  how much our families blended.  the kids became so close to each other and i was able to spend so much time with charlie and got to know her.  i love this girl.  she held my hand when ever she could and we rode most of the rides together.  i love how much we all just blended together
 epcot!  we spent 12 HOURS at the park. with the older 4 kids. mom and dad stayed home with jo.  this is my fav park so i was thrilled to spend time from open to close.  we spent 120 on food and drinks alone! and after that we packed food for the rest of the trip!  crazy!!!
 we had lots of character interaction
 ellie was shy at first but warmed up
 charlie would take her by the hand so she wasnt scared
 ellie adores her uncle shawn
 sisters! in mexico, people watching while the kids were on a ride. enjoyable having a minute with my bestie
 the boy rode in the chariot too. totally saved out butts!
 making  picture in china
 watching the trains while the men picked up grub in germany...we ate at the american pavilion. ha
 on our 3 day we took it off.  the men went tool shopping and we took the kids to the park and on a nature walk.
 i love the walk.  so refreshing to see new nature
 the crew