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life stuff

 ellie loves dolls, not only does she not just take care of them she dresses them (thanks nana plumps for the clothes!) and uses jo's stuff too. haha
 what? there is nothing blue on my lip. i didnt get into anything....she got into the toothpaste!!!!
 teeny, tiny, tender hands. i love them
 nana plumps!  nate LOVES, LOVES this book!  he is begging me to get more. so its a huge success!  after a quick google search i discovered they are 10.00 Canadian but i can get them from one of the home school web sites i regularly order from for 5.00, so with tax and shipping its only 7. not too bad for a faith base, awesome christian book that he loved! 
 this morning i found ellie's dr station all set up. she goes in the front room and plays dr with her dolls...but only talks when she thinks i cant hear her. its too cute to listen to her talk away to her babies, she wants to be a dr when she grows up...
 this am, i took the older 2 kids out.  it was SOOOO cold. the wind was brutal.  we hit up the park
 ellie wanted to swing in the baby swing
 then went back home to put more layers on and hit the woods. i truly enjoy walking with the kids in the woods. its nice to be outside.  jo slept through all of home with dad...ha
 nate lead the way
 i snuck a hait band in jo's hair. she will NOT keep anything in her hair if she knows its there....hahaha i got you little jo!
 seeing herself on the phone. she is such a card
 us.  she put her hand on my shoulder and took a quick pic before she got busy playing
what a nice, relaxing. NO SCHOOL day!  yipeeeee
happy saturday everyone!