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i know my blog is all over the place and i post mostly (now) about my family...but i had to make a post about my latest obsession....

the last month or so i have been actively, as in mon- thurs, following the timothy bosma trial.  i have no clue as to why this trial has me so heart wrenched, reading everything i can about it.  from mon- thurs they are in court and i can follow live tweets from reporters who are there in the court room reporting.  nate and ellie know that when dad gets home i am off to the play/school room to read the reports.  i often come down, just sad and confused at the whole situation.  it breaks my heart, so sad, so senseless.  so wrong on so many levels...but so very interesting in learning all about how the evidence speaks for the dead. from dna analysis to blood splatter reports, the cell phone pings, the gun shot casting, the blood, the paper trail. so very intriguing

anyways, aside from homeschooling and chasing after 2 little girls, i am found from 4-5 reading everything i can about the case

god totally be with charlene bosma


on a totally selfish note, i said to chris, if and when the kids graduate school (more so when, and not as much if, cause hello...we home school they will graduate!) and i have some time (time???? what IS that??????) , i would totally love to go back to school to study economics (im totally intrigued by shopping and the economic economy, i know so much unlike me) or something to do with law....

he LAUGHED at me and said i couldn't  do it!  grrrrrrr    as if! now i want to prove him wrong!  i didnt say i want to be a lawyer, i just said i am intrigued by Canadian law! oya!

i can do ALL things through christ who gave me the strength to birth 4 kids! hahahaha