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 this is how i found joey. she is SO very busy.  i also caught her trying to climb up on the bar stool and the STOVE! 

i found chris "flying" as ellie calls it, the girl!  ellie's turn first
 joey's turn. the girls love this, i have to leave the room. ha
 we had a lovely visit from cry and shawn and her little zoo (har har) on the weekend. it was so nice!  the kids played in the basement for most of the visit and i was able to have a long over due chat with my sis
 charlie grace. such a beauty you are
 quinny-tas-tic! i love your spunk!
 ellie joy. such a sunshine of light!
 nate!  my buddy forever!
and thats about all the pics i have. why? bec ive been so sick the last week!  seriously!  im thinking it's the lack of coffee???? no idea all i know is is feel GROSS....BUT i've gone 1 week and 1 day with out a drink of coffee! yeah me!


Ursi said...

Hey Mel,hope your feeling better.
Oh, I remember busy!!! When we were first at the mission we had a family helper who used to be a kindergarten teacher and she thought (with Her vast experience of kids) that Katie was a super busy kid. Maya was busier!!! So I can totally understand how you must feel at times....esp without coffee.
I was thinking of you last night. I was tempted to have a cup of coffee, but then told myself NO, and had some hot chocolate instead😛.
We're in a snowstorm right now! Kids will love being outside. Wishing you a great humpday.

mel said...

ursi, i have NO idea how YOU did it with the mission and the girls. that was crazy! i would have needed a tim's in my back yard! im still on the no coffee fast, havent had a sip and i miss it SO, very, much!! as i sit here and sip my tea...which is weak and enjoy your snow storm! we have rain today!

mom said...

I have heard on the christian radio that some of the things we are or will be running short of are bananas and the other coffee. So you are just getting in shape but good for you, I know how much your coffee means to you.
Love and kisses.