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the girls

 on mon, i started to search through the girl's clothes to see what will fit for florida and what won't. i made a pile and left it on the desk upstairs and told ellie they were her clothes for florida.  tues morning while i was making breakfast she comes down stairs and shows me the clothes then says "im already to go!  so, let's go!" haha

on mornings that i bath the girls i let johana feed herself.  she's getting
 starting out
 ellie wanted a pic
 good job johana!
 yummy look at the rice cereal....that she later picked off her chest and
 you go girl!
 another joey pose
such a happy little thing
 ellie and i trying to take a selfie....nate threw a ball in my face!
 after the ball
 out with nate. nate wanted a pic. i took it.  i remember thinking as he snapped the pic "ill keep this as a reminder that i can survive long, nasty days with the kids" tues was brutal for me
 ellie and joey playing a game together!
 this morning, it was so nice out +12!  we hit up the deck
joey was thrilled
 nate wore MY jacket! he is getting so big
 joey jo
 she lost her shoe along the way
 wheeee this is what big brothers are for!
 so fun
 playing with her trike
and im STILL off coffee....its SO hard, esp in the mornings! but im gonna do this!!