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silly sunday!

 nate spent the morning playing lazier tag. the church had the annual boy/girl party....nate only cared about lazier tag

i surprised him by going for lunch with him. just nate and i!  we had a great conversation
 its fun to have 1 kid, one on one time
 johana! she is SOOOO very busy!!!! i have to watch her at all times, one trip to that bathroom and she's climbed on the stove! 
 trying to climb OVER the gate!
 very proud of herself
 mon night nate made a late, before bad snack. what did he choose?  a salad! hahaha
 tues morning, i woke up took my shower and found this little lady waiting for me. not saying a word. just sitting there waiting for me to open the gate for her
 she told me she was sleeping and waiting for me...hahaha