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eliana rhe

i taught eliana that her name is really eliana rhe of sunshine  because that is simply what she is. our rhe of sunshine. she came to us at just the right time and shone her bright sunshine in our lives.  we love and value the sun she brings...

i wish i can capture her joy in a blog. the constant. and i mean. constant singing. ellie is always singing and making up songs...she loves to sing about why she is so happy and how much she loves nate and jo

but this week, this little girls stole my heart.  i deliberately snuck off with her everyday to spend time with her. to listen to her songs. to share her joy. her zest for life

yesterday we were snuggling in nate's bed with books when she went to turn the light off and i said "oh ellie! dont turn off the light! i may get scared!"

she looked at me as she snapped the light off and said "mom!  jesus is always with you! see, he's here right now!"


we love our little rhe of sunshine

ellie joy. dont stop sharing your joy. the world needs you.  we need you

thank you jesus for eliana rhe of sunshine!


wk-eigenheer said...

Wonderful ! Thanks to God! He is good ! Keep loving and enjoying .Love you all too.

shirley said...