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the hardest day!

yesterday, i was sitting in church when our lead pastor announced the church is planning on a 21 day daniel fast for lent, the days leading up to easter.  doing  a quick calculation i realized i would be away for most of it. off the hook! then p.tim quickly described the 21 day daniel fast...basically it's a fast from everything but water, fruits and veggies

my first thought was

1- that's easy. i can totally do that

2-wait. that's not smart for me at this time in my life. over the last month ive made some noticeable changes in my diet...i eat 3-4 times a day,  meat every other day (almost) lots of iron and protein just to name a few. i've already noticed a difference, chris too...ive gain weight, not that i can tell you how much because i dont and will not weigh myself! but my clothes are tight and my face is round.  this is AWESOME.  in the future i can go into more detail about why ive decided to do this....

so instead i quickly thought, what can i give up that would make me pay (haha)???

my answer made me quiver in fear

sweat broke out

i started to have a mini panic attack

before i could chicken out, i looked at my freind who was just happened to be sitting there beside me and said "coffee. starting tomorrow"

so, today, the first time EVER. i have gone with out a coffee and i have 20 more days to go...which i KNOW will lead me into march break....sigh...

i have to thank my friends and family who helped me through the day today. because, im not gonna lie. it was ROUGH!!!  i had the shakes, anxiety tried to butt in around 12, but i made a tea...which ive now decided is the drink for the weak (sorry dad)  and sipped my tea as i taught science (metamorphosis of butterflies)  and history (black history in canada)  but im sorry. it did no good. i felt sluggish, sweaty and blue all day

but ive made it!  i did it!  i went 24 hr with out a java!!!!  i can do 20 more......sigh

until then my bestie in the the cup, i miss you....i will see you in 20 days.....

for me, this is the hardest fast i have ever done!


wk-eigenheer said...

I keep you in my thoughts and pray for strength that you can keep what you decided in your heart. Love Muetti

mel said...

so far, so good! im gonna do this....but its way harder than i thought it would be!