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 ellie helped me get groceries the other day...she spent the whole time in the cart. completely unlike her.  she usually wants to walk...i think she was really tired...ha

nate and his friend were playing a game yesterday with johana. i came in the room and the 2 of them were laughing so hard. i figured out what they were doing....tossing pop corn at her like she's a duck and watching her pick it up and eat it....she was following them was cute but i told them to stop it. ha...she's not a pet!
 the boys wanted a pic together
while i took the pic....
 johana got the bag of pop corn!  she's SO fast.....hahaha
 i opened my cupboard last night and found a tiger!  all tucked in for the night. with a pillow and blanket....hah ellie! 
i was actually happy to find this guy.  i use him as my tv pillow and missed cuddling with him. hahaha

that's a long over due quick peek into our life