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 we got some snow. i had to take joey out to enjoy her first time walking in it.  i had a flash back of 2 yrs ago doing the same with ellie.  it goes by too fast!

dressed and all ready to go!
 and the doors open
 and out she goes
 what is all this white stuff?
 there was a lot of "ohhhhs" and "ahhhhhhhhs"
 watching her siblings slide down a snow bank
 since chris gave my toddler sled away last summer, i had to come up with a new sled....i used nate's sled and pulled it with my scarf.  worked like a charm and i pulled joey all over the back yard
 then ellie jumped on and nate pushed
 we did some swinging and checking the snow up close
 so cold!
 what is this? why is my hand so cold?
 she kept shaking it off and saying "ohhhhhhh"
 moving her feet around
 and off she goes, into the big world
so fun!  i actually stayed out for 45 mins...the older two met up with some local kids and spent the afternoon sledding and playing.