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 this is jo. she figured out how to open doors that are not shut tight, she also loves to play in the toilet, take things apart and eat markers. she is SO busy!  i have to keep her locked in a room, esp if i need the bathroom! shes a little busy girl!  love her too pieces!

my little ellie joy. we went for a walk the other day.  i am sad that she is losing her toddler/preschool look but is changing into a little girl...
 my friend's daughter is in the hospital, so ive been helping out with child care. whats 2 more kids? hahaha

 johana rocking with a book. she is often found rocking and reading her books
 more kids!
 more reading from joey
 shes such a monkey
 she sees you
 chris was on the lap top and jo came and stood at his feet. he looked down and saw this. haha  she did this herself!
love my stinker