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play date

 i was making lunch the yesterday and look how the eggs fell in the pan!!! too funny
 we had judah and micah over yesterday for some play. after letting them play on the laptop for 15 mins, i took them outside. we walked to the park. our van is in the shop so i couldnt take the kids anywhere, my original plan was to have chris take my car and leave the van and take the kids somewhere....oh well....they enjoyed the park down the street
 johana loved everything. she was leaning over the pole, touching the leaves, dirt, sticks and showing me the mess
 look mama!
 beautiful, sweet micah
 ellie wanted to push joey on the swing
 for a good 20 mins
 she loves the role of a big sister
 johana enjoyed the ride
 then we hit up the last snow patch
crunch, crunch went her boots
 touch and see everything
 showing me what she finds
the discovery of a toddler
 the older kids discovered the MUD. i let them go at er...they loved getting stuck in the mud and losing boots...haha i made them clean off in the snow and we took the long way home to burn off more energy and dry up them boots and pants. ha
 my little crew