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 it was so warm on tues, so i bundled the kids up and we hit up irishtown.  it was so nice to be out. the park was so quiet, we could hear the birds, watch the squirrel race through the trees and enjoy the park.  it was a truly enjoyable outing
 the main path was recovered and clear. the secondary routes were snow covered and not as easy to push the stroller through
 my "easy, wind blown" hair look...i dont even attempt to straighten it during the weekdays. ha
 ellie and nate waiting for jo and i...
 so beautiful the sound of silence and crunching snow
 ellie needed a stick
 the ducks were gone. ellie cried. and cried. she loves those ducks
 johana watching a squirrel!  she kept saying "ohhhhh"
seeing how far id let them go....that was about as far as i was ok with....