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the last day!

 little jo warmed up to papa plumps on day 1. she loved him.  we saw a new side of our little joey this last week, what a little sanguine she is. she loves to preform and make ppl laugh with her antics. she loves being with people and is very expressive in her communication with us

sitting with her papa plumps
 little hand on the table. just sitting there
 group shot
 chris took ellie with him to the airport to drop them off. i stayed home and put joey to bed.  after chris said good bye to his parents he drove away, from what chris told me ellie started to cry and wanted to go back and say good bye with a "hug and a kiss" so chris went back and grabbed them before they went into the building
 my heart
 nana got some love too
 she was sad to see them leave
what a great visit!  we are looking forrward to the summer, oh yeah and ursi i made plans and invited your family to come camping with us....the guys can tent, we can use the rv. hahaha


Ursi said...

We might just grab the "snore- hut" that sits on the back of the pickup truck for th girls and Jeff and I could to a tent for a night or so ;)
Where are we going????

mel said...

tobermory baby! i invited ourselves alongif your parents want to go, then i tagged you guys in the mix too. and jef can knock yourselves out in the tent, im not a camping kinda gal...i like soft beds and a hot shower the next morning. hahaha