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 i put the kids to work...making party decorations. they cut out hearts and ellie made a tree....that she cut up. haha
 i walked into my room and saw this!  ellie!  you cutie.  ursi, the turtle is the turtle you gave nate 5 yrs ago!

valentines day dinner. we had mom and dad join us for quinn's favorite dish.  roast beef!  haha
 then we played party games, quinn provided all the games! he did a great job!
 mark the dot on the heart. ellie won the game!
 johana had a turn too
 quinn setting up "find the heart"  chris and i lost the game
 i went up to check on ellie at 9 PM and she was sitting there reading her books. silly girl
 such a doll
 this morning quinn, nana and papa said good bye. the kids were very sad about it
 they hugged and hugged
it was actually cute to see how emotional they all got.  we had such a great time this weekend quinn.  i truly enjoyed having you here. as i told you this morning, i love you so much and you are welcome to come back any time!!!!