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the big chop!

 last saturday i played beauty salon.  i decided long ago to cut ellie's long locks and donate them.  i wanted her to have a shorter more easier do for march break....she was ok with the hair washing. daddy talked to her as she watched paw patrol
 i divided and cried
 my little eliana
 chop chop chop and yes that would be my ipad in the microwave. haha
 done!  love it
 donations!  ok, im keeping one of them. hahaha i HAVE too!
then chris made a swiss cake to celebrate
then he ate 2 pieces and thought hummm i should find out the amount of calories are in the cake....oh about 300 per piece!  hahahaha


Ursi said...

As I looked at all your posts today, I thought Ellie's hair looked shorter. It looks very cute, and I'm sure it's so much easier to deal with. I remember when Katie chopped her own hair off and ended up having to get a pixie cut! It was much shorter than we planned, but soooo much easier😀.

Crystal said...

Aunty loves Ellie's new haircut!