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 ellie had a tea party for her friends. they were fed well. i LOVE her imagination. i LOVE her play and how into it she gets.  i spend more time watching her play than teaching nate most days. ha
 the other morning. ellie went into the tub at 9:30 with jo. at 10 i took jo out. at 11 i put jo to nap. at 11:30 i made lunch and started school with nate. at 12:30 i FORCED her out!!!  she played in the tub for 3 HOURS!  she did not want to get out. haha
 the other day an old friend dropped by to visit. johana went right to him, asked him to pick her up and would not leave him alone!
 she was talking to him and pointing to her snack on the floor...
 group shot before he caught his flight back to ontario
 i came up with this the other day to help nate stay out of the negative zone and to think on good things. its a poster board for him to write what ever he wants. he loves it and has added to it.  ellie also added a happy face and wants her own paper to write.
 jo and daddy cuddles. she was so tired
 nate reading before bed. yes, back in my bed!


Ursi said...

Is that the same friend that you helped out when we were on FaceTime? I pray that things will get better soon.
You're a good friend to take the extra kids! It can make such a difference in a difficult situation.
Lots of love, Ursi

mel said...

it is ursi. such a sad situation. the daughter was air lifted to the iwk last week, she lost a finger, had 3 or more surgeries and just came out of her coma on monday :( the younger kids are at their grandparents this week, but ill be taking them again next week to help out. i can not imagine going through what she's dealing heart hurts for them