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 fri morning, during school time, i went down and watched ellie play with her baby. there is nothing like watching her play. i love it
 she is growing up way too fast. where did my baby ellie go???

this pic is for mom.  johana does wear the red boots!
 she was laughing at ellie who was on the floor....
 friday after school, we drove up to springhill to visit jon and jess (we need to do this more!) and pick up QUINNY!!!! for the weekend!  we were ALL so excited to have quinn for the weekend, all! by! himself!

but first we spent time with copper!
 i waited about 15 mins before i put the dude in my lap. i waited for another 10 before i started kissing his cheeks!  they were totally made to be kissed! so cute
 i love my copper!
 jo wasted zero time in getting into cop's toys

then we headed home with QUINN!
 quinn gave us our valentine day presents!
 johana held on to hers and drank her bottle...which is funny cause i totally took the botttle away from all my kids by 13 months....yet her she is at 18 months with hers.........cough.......
 ellie opening her gift from quinn. a book and she has slept with it every night since
 and her pencil
 sat morning after an AWESOME night with the kids, quinn played with ellie while i got the grub on
i am so proud of quinn. i am SOOOOO proud of the way the boys behaved. they were SO good!!!!  i cant wait for our next quinn-caytion! 


Crystal said...

He really had so much fun! And I must say my house was so oddly quiet that it was unnerving! Even Charlie kept saying how empty the house was...