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that bunny!

 ellie and i before church,  i made her come, she screamed and kicked at her class door, i lifter her up over the 1/2 door and dropped her in the workers arms and she settled and had a blast!  which was nice cause the service was really good!

that bunny arrived again and made a mess!!!! 
 he also left this for jo
 a basket for nate (cost 4.00)
 and a basket for ellie
 nate was impressed when he saw the mess. i gave them bags to clean up the chocolate (that i used from the bunny blast...haha recycled)
 joey got into the action too
 the perfect squat! this pic is for cry
 more squatting
 nate helped joey find her chocolate....that i later took so mean
 ellie, my ellie
 jo then sat on the floor and stayed busy taking the eggs out of the bag and putting them in the container she has in her hand
 she did this for a good 30 mins
 very serious work
 back and forth...
happy easter everyone! and now its back to real life.....i loved taking 3 weeks off!  wheeeeee


Ursi said...

Hello there, welcome back! I missed reading your blog😜. We had a great March break-also extended as we ended up spending the week leading up to Easter at the farm with a friend of mine. Maybe more on that during a phone call someday.
It was a full 2 weeks with lots of children around all the time. I'm enjoying the relative quiet of just the two girls. And I'm definitely enjoying my coffee again!!!
I'm back to school today, so I better get at it. I'd love to chat sometime soon.
Cheers, Ursi

mel said...

yes! lets phone chat. text me when is good for you! id love to catch up with the wilsons!