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bunny blast!

 sat our church held its annual bunny blast. it was amazeballs.  say what ever you want about the church but the one thing you have to agree on is their ability to put on these amazing events. the details in everything was disney quality.  i snapped pics when i could but from the ppl in the parking  lot finding spots for you to park, to the bunny's leading to the doors, the registration desk and crowd control, maps, volunteers everywhere....was beyond perfect.  we were there for 2 hrs and didnt get to do everything!  there was so much to do and all of it was free!

we had bunny pancakes and juice for eats
ellie ate the poor bunny's nose
the details that went into everything.  from the men carrying your breaky tray to the table, the balloons, wrapped cutlery, volunteers galoore.  it was an impressive breaky
i tried to snap pics of the decorations.  i was flabbergasted by the amount of time they put into this.  the hallways leading to lego land were covered with lego paper, decorations, huge lego blocks and posters

each room ( 6 or so) had a different lego theme and ppl from bricks for kids to guide the kids
the egg hunt was in the kids church area. they had these huge baskets all over the place, prob 14 of them.  each table had hidden eggs in side and you had a card to tell you which ones to put in your bag.  each table had a different sensory item to dig through....tissue paper, cotton balls, balloons, plastic chips etc....then you have your bag to the workers who gave you a golden ticket to bring back on sun to win some prizes....and a bag of chocolate eggs
my crew.  chris joined us!  it was great to have dad with us!
little jo
there were 2 huge bouncy castles. this one ate my kids
and carnival say there was 20 or more to choose from
then pop corn and cotton candy
feeding my peeps
mmmmmm pop corn
and live animals!  bunnies, lambs, chickens and baby chicks....ellie is still talking about them
there was also a  huge sandbox....i skipped that one and 3 shows we missed those....but from what i heard they were really was a great saturday together
and it finally happened.....the last kid drew on my floor. with a permanent marker.....little jo left her mark....

chris got it out thou