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a tale of a sad, sad ellie

 we went to the park yesterday, it was so very cold out. bitter cold.  we couldn't go to the school park bec school was in and you cant use their park during school hours...which we understood but ellie did not. she was so very sad
 joey was ok with the situation
 but ellie was not
 very, very sad
 so, so, very sad
 crying sad
 her back to us, refusing to play, sad
but!!  happy joey!
back too, sad,  sad ellie
all by herself ellie
 sad, sad ellie
 kay, where did my baby go????  she now sits at the bar stool and eats her snacks....sob sob


Ursi said...

Life can be so hard!! I had to console Katie the other night because she was SOO upset that Daddy didn't jump on the trampoline with her. The worlds was ending!!
Thanks for posting the ups AND downs of life!
We're sooo looking forward to seeing you this summer!

mel said...

we are so excited to come. ellie is thrilled that she has cousins in ontario! lol. i think its going to be a great time!

its so funny to me to see what makes kids "cry" the world is ending! i didnt get my snack!!! haha

love you guys!