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 she is such a monkey!  such a funny stinker. so full of life and loves her swinging!

 ellie decided to do the fire man pole, as we call it around here. she's not 4 yet. and she DID it! 
 joey climbed the wall, literally. ellie passed her to go back on the pole. haha
 joey saw the puddles and wet nuts!  i took her home and bathed her. head to toe mud and water! 
 i took the girls to the park and nate ended up finding us there while riding his bike in the neighborhood
 this is my happy face. the kids told me i looked cranky on sat....i guess i did....haha

 nate swinging
 joey taking off into the woods
 nate and i
 JOEY! she is so funny
 watching nate and his friend bead each other with sticks. ha
 guess what joey did? and i caught it on camera!
our little joey, so much fun she is.....and keeps me on my toes!