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 i find her like this all. the time
 she loves mickey!
what is she watching???
 acting like goofy?!
 i put the disney pictures on slide and she watches out disney trip over and over and over....and i can sneak in nate's writing lesson...haha
 i put out ellie and nate's lunch, turned my back to grab mine and joeys and found joey like this
 yes. eating all my herself
 and i let her
 shes growing too fast!
 joey is very close to me.  like she sits on my feet when i cook close. hahaha i dont mind. shes my baby!
 and she loves to curl up into me on my hammock
 and write letters to ppl on my HSLDA magazine!
 i spent time yesterday and today cleaning out my area of the school room
i found our day sched for disney. sob sob. i wanna go back!
 ellie was  making a picture. i cant believe how big she is
 my wall!  cleared up!  whoooo hooooooo
 just another stack of NATE'S books that i find DAILY! from what he read!

ellie and nate's art books for the yr!  i need to get one for joey now!

 click. she sees you!
 nate and his bug hat. after spending the afternoon in the woods yesterday, nate begged me for a bug net.  8.95 is worth it!  nate LOVES forest school. he came home yesterday covered in dirt. i made him peel off his clothes and change ASAP. i love forest school too!  love what he's learning!
just wanna say i dont have a lot of pics of nate lately, because he's gone a lot. when the weather gets nice he's out side playing!  im giving him a bot more freedom this summer....its super scary but he's gonna be 9....gotta let him go....slowly.....