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ellie-rhe of my sunshine!

 haha....ok, 2 yrs ago, nana sent ellie this beautiful yellow dress. i put it away until it fit her.  this morning i put ellie, MY (chris and i argue over our ownership of ellie. haha) MY  ellie in the dress....after she walked "like an old lady" this way
 and that she posed for a few pics
 this way and that way. in her sparkly shoes!
 then johana joined in the picture in her JAMMIES!!! rothf!!!!
 ellie posed in her beautiful dress
 then i snapped these pics. and thanked jesus for sending me these girls. how much we need them! 
ellie grabbed joey and pulled her in
 my living, loving heart
 my ellie. we so need you. what a ray of sunshine you brought into our lives.  i thank jesus for you. what a true joy you are!
 my ellie
 so blessed
 joey's back cause, well, joey LOVES a party...hahahaha
 mt ladies
 know, its funny cause when i first saw the pic, my first thought was "man, i let body go!"  look at my mommy tummy. then i thought. man. ill KEEP my mommy tummy and my mommy body because no hours on a treadmill, no amount of crunches will ever leave me feeling as happy as i am today. i birthed 4 babies. i regret nothing. i am almost 41, i love my white hair. i love that i gave up me for my kids. i love my kids more than anything i can imagine.  i would do it all over again! and as long as im smacking chris off of me, hahaha, i know he loves my mommy body as well
 nate was up in his room getting ready for church, thats why is not in the pic. also have to add, i bought the skirt sat night, nate came with me when i bought it. he told me that he really liked it, and because if that! i bought it! (10.00 at fairweather!)
 sisters. besties for life...

so for the season we are in, joey is toally not ok with staying in the church nursery. so for now, i leave her at home with chris sun mornings and take the older 2 to church. its a win win for us.  i get to enjoy the service, kids free, and sit with a great friend (and her hubby, who i think puts up with me. haha) and i come home to a clean house...chris mops the floors AND i make a sunday dinner for the it was mash potatoes, veggies and bbs herb chicken. SO YUMMY!  so for now, we will keep doing thinking in june ill try joey in the nursery again.....but for now its ok for us.....
 ellie is the only one who can do the messy updo and look so cute wearing it!

nana, i totally wish you were here to see ellie wear the dress i know you picked out. ellie was so proud that you bought it for her.  she loves her nanas and papas so much and can not wait until friday to see you again...hahahaha
 so, it pored down rained this afternoon....which did not stop the kids from playing outside...ha!