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pt 2

 ellies friend brought her a gift. a keyboard! thanks guys! sigh
wanna know something funny?
that is JOEY sitting and playing, i bet you thought it was ellie!

i finally got to visit a friend and see her 5 day old baby. with us having pink eye i didnt go to the hospital so i dropped by on wed, at supper time but i hit up little caesars first for i didnt feel as guilty for a visit at supper time. haha
 her oldest boy and youngest girl!
 little bella, 5 days old.  adorbes! my uterus hurt!
 thurs night was night one of many for our book club!  a bunch of friends are meeting at my place every other thurs night to book club!  we are doing have a new kid by friday
but after 30 mins of discussion, i knew we had our next book!
how to have a new husband by friday!
for real! hahaha
it was great to get together. and i realized how different and unique all the relationships ive had since moving to moncton, 10 yrs ago!
 i asked nate to clean up the blankets and pillows
great job dude!  love the pillow MOUNTAIN!
 ellie, playing her tunes
 seriously, see her hair flying! she was pounding out a melody....that actually sounded good!
 nate had forest school, and it was i took the girls to the library
joey had a blast...ha and got quite comfortable
 then she found this little guy, and stood there and talked his ear off.  not that he understood her language and her his (hes a refuge) but he was quite taken with her interest in talking to him...ha
 then she climbed the table
 total monkey
and that is a quick peek into our week....a busy week it was!


Papa said...

I'm sorry, but I noticed the BOOTS and knew right away who it was, my little Jo Jo.

Those boots are the only thing important in her little life right now.

mel said...

papa! thie BOOTS!!! joey would sleep with them on, if i let her!!!! the tears when i take them off....for diaper changes and naps! hahahaha thank you for buying the perfect boots for our joey!