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 this is the first picture i have ever painted. on a canvas none the less!

sun night my friend aralee and i decided to paint a picture. ha.  for real. we went to art after dark, where they 'teach' you to paint but our class was over sold and their was only 1 teacher so we didnt get any direction other than "heres your paint, put on a smock and remember you cant mess art up"


so we sat down and i said "look aralee! PAW PATROL!"
 the instructor stood this far away, and painted on her canvas (the while blob behind her) and that was our instructions....okay....
 first we painted our back drop. i painted "the dress"
 aralee painted "the boobs" as i call them. hahahaha
 then i filled in the sky

 then we added splotches of leaves for color and painted the tree trunk
 great job mel! haha
 almost done!
 class was then over 3 hrs later, aralee was on her phone and still painting, she has one of those type a personalities and everything must. be. perfect

i gave up when i realized why my kids laugh at my paintings. i cant paint. haha
 some of the class. it was packed
 class is officially over and shes still trying to fix her painting. haha
 the end! my tree!
i brought it home and showed chris, he said it wasnt as bad as he thought it would be. the kids told me this morning that it looks like a tree!  ellie says "oh mama, so nice! can i have it" and joey said " hd hahhhdl udjsl djaoieyr  which means, what until i call nana and tell her all about this!"

it was so fun to sit there for 3 hrs with a friend and NO ONE asked me to get them anything, or change a bum, or get a snack for a kid, or hear " MOM" about 100 times

the perfect way to end mother's day!