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im back!

 the kids playing some ball in the yard

little miss joey last tues before her last baby dr appoint.  i snapped this pic and sobbed an inner cry.  this is the LAST baby dr i will EVER take any of my babies too.....sob sob.....sure it was her 16 month appointment.....but whats a few months late?  why? bec i FORGOT...hahahaha anyways joey got weighted, charted, marked and poked.  at the end of the appoint my dr said "ill see her when he's 10 for her next needle"  why? bec i hardly ever and never have taken my kids to the dr!  haha  i just cant be bothered. they are fine. (i do take them to walk in clinics when needed)
 so joey found this little lego toy and turned it into her own cell phone
 and called everyone she knew and put on a show for the ppl in the waiting room. she is such a tiny ham. so funny
 we went to a park one day last week to get out of the house...the kids love this park. so i was sitting on the bench talking to chris and i spotted a car pull up and 2 kids, a mom and a dad got out. after watching the boy for about 5 mins i called nate over and said "nate, that kid is home schooled. go over and say hi"
 and he did
guess what? hes home schooled but lives out of town, after talking with his mom we decided to exchange numbers and get the boys together. this kid usually attends forest school so nate has another friend to hang with next yr....who says home schoolers are unsocialized. pu-leese
 joey played with the dog and i firmly told the other two that we are NOT getting a dog. no way!
 my parents came up last wed for chris and my's annual night away from the kids.....home school conf. but bec chris is on the board, that makes me on the board too....we have to be there fri morning till the end to, well, put on the conf.  we worked the whole time. i did sit in 1 workshop and quickly bought some books fri night, other than that. we worked our butts off.....this is NOT my idea of our "one night a yr" date. sigh...
 this is the front yard after the kids got at it. haha
conf was good this yr, for all the behind the doors DRAMA that went on this past yr, it went smooth. the new conf coord and his wife were a lovely couple and i got along very well with them.  towards the end of sat the wife said to me" you are nothing like i thought you were" thanks! haha  theres a lot of work to do to get conf running smoothly next yr but with the new board team, i think we will rock it out of the park!  and our speaker is steve demmes, the author of math u see! thats fun!

so yea, im back, conf is OVER and i just have to knock a few more projects off and we will be flying into SUMMER vacation!!!!  yea!!!!!

*i was so busy at conf i didnt take ONE pic!!!! thats crazy!


Ursi said...

Welcome back! Nice to see the kids again😜.
And do t forget to answer my text about a project for you.

mel said...

i didnt forget the text! im gonna get back to you! thank you for thinking of me, i truly appreciate it