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joey the artist

 i came across this on my desk....i asked nate to pick a new reading book....i was actually impressed with his attempt at spelling independent! 

nate cleaned his desk, which is NOT something he does on his own...but did it to surprise me.  great job nate!
 im slowly cleaning up grade 3.  this is a bit of nate's reading for this yr...i have to find the others and write it down for him as credits....i am thrilled with what he's read on his own. i asked him his favorite. he said with out a family Robinson! then treasure island!  awesome possum!
 joey. little miss into EVERYTHING joey. she loves and i mean LOVES markers. she got to work last week and made me a picture
 then i watched her figure out, on her own. how to hold a pencil!
 not this way...
 wait! this works better!
 look at that!
 i think joey is going to be the craft/arty one of the bunch!
its great for me to have more than 1 kid, i get to discover how different they each are! (NOT SAYING THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH HAVING ONE!)
 my little big girl!
 whats that she's playing with?
 oh a picture of nate and quinn...ha