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 so tues night we had friends over. the kids were out playing, then ellie came in and threw up.  all. over. me....i mean power puke from the top of my head to my feet (i was squatted down) it was bad enough that i had to go upstairs, was my hair and change all my clothes...ellie spent the night in my bed with me
 poor sick ellie
poor mommy and all those snuggles!
 but she was just fine the next day to go to a park and play!
 all better
 she sees you....
 so does he
 monkey climbing into everything
 so fun to watch
 and play and run
 and run
 more running
 serious play when the tongue comes out!
 my girls. watching tv together.....while i sneak a shower in....
 joey was cleaning. hahaha
 playing in the new shed. for the pool we got. that we are not using this yr. its too big. but ew need to store it in proper place. so chris built a shed. to store a pool that we are not using this yr. first world problems much?!
i just dont feel 'safe' watching all the kids, esp the girls alone during the days this summer so we are going to use the smaller pool again this summer and maybe break the big pool out the next yr...