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 yes dad, i still use my muffin maker!  on sat i pulled out 6 of those egg bad boys!  nate told his friend that he could come to his house for supper.  we had egg sandwiches!

i found this note in the fridge
it says "nates only. im talking to you dad"
 nate and chris working in the back yard, building a storage shed for the pool, that we got last yr (chris traded time for the pool) but we arnt going to put it up this yr, its a bit too big for the girls and we need a place to store yeah....a pool shed.....sigh BUT the fun and awesome thing is nate ASKED to work with chris last night. nate enjoys working with chris
 pulling the soil up. look at that beautiful sky!
 nate filled the wheel barrow filled with gravel
 great job nate!
 happy mothers day chris!
 ellie reading to daddy before church
 my crew!  i loe ve you guys!
 mothers day service. the front of the stage was lined with potted mums. i counted approx 12 DOZEN of these bad boys....i was like hummmmm who are they going to give them too?

then at the end of the service pastor tim said "the ladies that have the chocolate kisses can come and take a potted mum"

i was like, bummer. i dont have the kisses
oh well
i went and picked up y kids from their classes ( LOVE that i dont teach anymore!!!!)
ran a few errands
got home and emptied the kid's bags from church and this bad boy fell out
the mom's with young kids, nursery and preschool classes got these but no one told me....sob sob
i didnt get flowers....and gave the chocolate away cause if it aint swiss chocolate it just plain sucks...ha
 ellie made me a card
she wrote under the letters and picked 2 girls on the front. me and her
 the inside!
i even took a NAP sunday afternoon! that was AWESOME!