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monkey jo!

 johana, is a monkey, into everything, climbing up everything and is usually always smiling. ive just excepted that i cant get anything done when shes awake, someone has to watch her!  i caught her on the table. i told her to get down and she did

and smiled at me
 she also uses my face as a pillow...hahaha she is forever hugging and kissing me
 and now that the weather is nice, we do school outside!
 and joey climbs up on the table and eats everyone's food!
 ellie was playing with her puppy, she was the dr
 the blue square is the medicine
 and i found the puppy napping, with my tea towel as a blanket
 the trees are BLOOMING!!!! so pretty
 my peach tree has blossoms!
 walking on the table!!!
 she saw me and quickly got down. haha
 joey and maddy, maddy is the amazing young lady a few houses down who comes over after school to play with the girls.  maddy is awesome!  we all love maddy!