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 i hit up the MCHE used book sale on monday, i got all this for 20.00! SCORE! i was super excited to get the last book of the discovering canada series (that i dont have) for 5.00!  and i hooked up with Canadian curric for 12.00!
 ive been eyeballing this book for a yr now, not wanting to pay the new to me price i held on hoping to score it used....and i did!  im going to do a canada session with nate because he told me on monday that he didnt know canada had provinces!  which i already taught him in gr 1 but i guess with the war of 1812 and the french canadian series we did, that he just forgot. sigh! haha
 and these 2 thick adventure books for 4.00!
 and this disney book for ellie
which she LOVES
 i was marking nates spelling and he left me this note....he has to check on ellie. hahahaha
 i found this on my couch. ellie was here
 i asked nate to help clean up the living room cause we had friends over tues night. thanks dude for the pillow pile!