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quick peek into our week pt 1

 nate was thrilled to sleep in my bed last week, we both stayed up and read! 

last sun, yea a week ago. after church i took little miss ellie to the park.  nate stayed home with pink eye, and ellie played for 2 HOURS

walking determinedly to the climbing wall
 no fear she climbs
 i snapped away
 then i got up and helped when i realized she was planning on going to the TOP!
 and she did! on her way back down
 my ellie, girl when did you get so big!
 tackling the monkey bars!
 such a big girl!
 i went to the hospital in the afternoon to visit my friend, when i came back we had a bbq. i picked up these AMAZING trays at the $ store.  i put the kids food on them, and THEY carry it outside to the table.  it makes it so much easier on me, less trips!  anyways. we were eating and ellie got cold so she went and put a hat and bib on and joined us

ellie is so different than the other two. she is a problem solver. she has a problem and she will do everything she can think of to solve it. she will only come to us if she really needs help...such fun to watch her
 working for his keep. hahaha
 3rd child syndrome. they drop their snack and you take pics of them laying down and licking the snack off the
 ellie went missing the other morning, i went looking for her and found her like this
 completely proud of herself
 our ellie girl!
 joey!  i turned my head to grab a towel and found her like this. she now climbs on to counters, tables and chairs....she was spearing an egg from my bowl!!! i really need to keep an eye on her!
 i find these fellas all over the house. poor guys, they were in time out