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the woods

 i took the kids to the woods the other day, at "school bus time" meaning all the other kids were getting off the bus, but we had been at the park for awhile and were staying....a huge perk to home educating. we love home school!

above. ellie blending in to the trees
peek a boo. its my ellie boo!
 joey came too, wearing her boots!
 oohhhhh whats this? what's that?  let me touch and feel, learn and explore
 she was a bit under foot with the uneven ground and would grab my hand to support herself. these are the moments that make me stop and thank god that im the one she's reaching out for
 my baby, my joey. so glad we had you!
 ohhhh she heard the birds singing!  the birds are BACK!  i cant believe how much louder they get every year.  about 7 yrs ago we noticed they were gone due to the loss of their habitat, but slowly as the building slowed down, they came back...i love sleeping with my window open, falling asleep to them and the peepers, then being awaken at 5 to shut my window cause they start back up and wake me up...but its so worth it!  chris laughs at my antics, but i love the chickadees and until i have my new house in the country. this will have to do! 
 ohhhhh the birdies!
 i found the neatest skeleton leaf. it was almost transparent but each vine was in place. it was so cool!
 can you see joey?!?! 
 nate. my boy.  such an amazing brother. such a great kid to have. i love you naters
 ellie found this rock. it was very serious
 joey and i