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 tuesday, i surprised the kids with a day at the ZOO!  chris was out of town for a meeting, so i had a long day to fill (he didnt get home until close to midnight)  it was the perfect weather day.  not to cold, not to hot.  see how all 3 fit so nice in the back of my car? 

we flipped joey seat around, she will be 2 in july, and met all the requirements about 9 months ago. haha

she LOVES it, she sits and looks out the window. its awesome
and yes, she still drinks from a bottle ONLY bec she hasnt clicked the knack on how to use a sippy cup. haha
 ready to roll
 and ellies off. running, shes always running
 super close bears!
 joey roaring like a bear trying to pet it
she has such little amount of fear, its kinda scary
 little bear
 feeding the horses
 she got a little nervous
 nate's turn
 leading the way to the next animal
 joey trying to CLIMB in the pen with the sheep and goats!
 as ellie said "big, fat, stinky pig"
 joey trying to run into a another cage!
 visiting the tigers
 watching the tigers
 driving the truck
 joey driving
 we get to the park and joey climbs into someone's push cart. ha it was not a part of the park...but she had so much fun in it....until they came to leave and she had to get out
 the gigantic play structure. i mean HUGE, this was 1/4 of the thing! the kids played for over an HOUR on this bad boy...i chased joey around
 ellie coming down the slide
 as ellie said "look at those lazy lions"
we had a great day, they got along so well and again i said to nate "arnt you glad you are HOME SCHOOLED?" hahaha

 chris got me this amazing bunch of amazing smelling flowers...from home depot....the side of home depot. .hahahaha they smell SO good!
 and this is in my fridge
i told chris to get it OUT by tonight
i am truly enjoying my vacation!  yesterday we stayed home and i caught up on house work, we also have new neighbor to the left of us and i was able to spent a few hours with her and her kids.  maybe a closer friendship is in the making? 

with that, my blog is updated, and i need to get supper started. yes, at 11 am. i find when im out in the afternoons, if i start or have it bbq ready when i get home, its less of a rush for me and the kids can eat before 7! hahaha

happy thursday!