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science fair

 so we had the annual science fair yesterday.  we learned SO much. NOT about his project but about how chris, nate and i work together

i learned that...

-we will NEVER leave a project until the last week. EVER again
-nate and i do NOT enjoy working rushed at the last minute. we both felt stressed and it was NOT enjoyable
-nate will have more of a say of his project choice next yr

althou nate worked very hard on the project, he spent every night last week until 9:30-10:30 working on it, then again during the day with me, he learned  a lot about tools and working hard on a project, even through the tears, the freak outs and the smiles. at the end of the day, he did a GREAT job and i am SO very proud of him.  forget about his project!  im so very proud of the character/ the maturity i saw, i am so proud of him! 
 working in the shop
 the AMAZING HARMONOGRAPH!  the kids LOVED it and it was a huge hit!
 joey loved it too....wearing her joey boots. hahaha
 some of the projects i was able to see
 gummy bear testing.  eliana approved
 then after joey destroyed a project, after 3 SECONDS, i put her in the balcony, we had a snack then i took her home.  i love my joey but she is SOOOOO busy!!!!!!
 nate won a prize for his project!
 i took my ellie, my errand ellie out last night. we stopped for a snack. i truly love having 1 on 1 time with her. such a spark plug of life she is
 i was marking nates work last night and i saw this happen. i grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics
 the kids are so gonna LOVE going to the farm this summer. maybe we can beg a ride in the real tractor???
 i took just ellie to the park today.  i had her wear her boots because the last time we went to this park, she spent so much time taking her shoes off and shaking the rocks after 5 mins im like somethings new about this place....
 the rocks are all gone!!!! they took out the rocks and replaced it with that awesome rubber covering.  thank you dieppe tax payers for this wonderful gift....signed the moncton tax payer...hahahaha
 she calls me and says "im in JAIL!"
 they were testing the water park out
she was sad when she wouldnt turn the water on from the button, she turns around and says to me "MOM! the batteries are broken!  we can fix it!"
 my little eliana joy