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 monday afternoon i took the kids to ellie favorite park.  when we got there we discovered they city turned on the splash pad!  my kids were in reg clothes, no towels or anything. but i told them they could go in, as long as they DO NOT complain about being cold, wet and dripping.  nate declined.  ellie watched. joey took about 1 second to run and and soak her self. joey has NO fear. she is all about having fun, laughing and getting messy.  and yes, i try to match the kids when we go out, much easier to keep a visual on them!
 and shes off!
nate decided to try it, after watching his 2 yr old sister run with the kids!
 then ellie went in and all 3 were SOAKED and not one complain was heard. nada! 
 joey completely soaked and having the best time
 drying off time. my heart. they are so close
 this other little fella would not leave me alone. haha.  seriously, the whole time i was there he sat beside me, he was french so i could talk to him but man, he loved me.  haha
 then we hit up the park to dry off
 a wonderful, fun, fight free afternoon. and i told nate "see, if you were in school you would be sitting at a desk right now"
so thankful for my kids!

and we LOVED our first day of SUMMER VACATION!!!!!!