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Grade 4!

Nate Grade 4

First off, what the actual heck? Grade 4?!?!  All ready????   Im planning my 5th! Yr of home school?!?!?!  This is crazy!
- math u see. Delta!   Cost 130 
-and tossing some on line drills and blocks as we go
We love math u see, it makes math easy.  Well not easy but learnable. So im sticking with it and im totally stoked that the HENB conf main speaker is steve dumel, the dude who wrote the books!  awesome!

Apologia- exploring creation with zoology 3      Cost 75
This is the last book in the zoology series. Next yr we will move on the anatomy.  I love that the text books will be reused for the girls, the only cost will be buying a note book for them (same with math)

Language Arts
- all about spelling, level 4       cost 60
Again, we have had a huge success with all about spelling.  And I LOVE that its multipurpose user and I can re use it for FREE with the girls!

 winning with writing     cost 50
Going back to winning with writing, I liked it when we used it in gr 1.  But to be honest, the only reason why I chose it was cost.  It was the cheapest option. I am looking for a new program next yr…ill update more later. Ha but for  now and to stay in my budget we will try out winning with writing

- wordly wise    cost 20
In place of my usual make my own lessons, I bought this in hopes of saving myself some time….its new so ill see how it goes……

-all about homophones, written by the all about team    cost 20.00 4 yrs ago….so this yr its FREE
We are working our way through this book and we both LOVE it. Its fun to play with homophones!

- im working with nate on his cursive, from a curic I pulled off the internet….cost FREE!

- multi books.  I pick up books when I see them on sale and stow away until later.  I plan on picking through the books during the summer and plan my lessons from there……total cost 25.00

 and i scored these books at scholar choice and used sales. im guessing the cost  is around 20
i plan on picking through the books and use to aid where nate is lacking.  i LOVE the critic thinking book. i totally think by using these books with nate from k that it boosted his habit of always thinking and analyzing....

-  im not purchasing any grammar (shock!) curric for him to use, but ill create my own…and use these awesome, fun grammar wipe cards .  cost 12.00

Every day nate reads 30 mins alone. When he’s done the book, he writes a simple book report and I mark the book as read. This yr I plan on putting a list together of books for him to read
So far I have
  • Teacher trouble
  • Big red
  • Tunnels of terror
  • Tunnels of treachery
  • Trouble on the voyage
  • Saving Moby dick
  • Anne frank
  • The magic of grand-pre
  • Kenny and the dragon
  • Stuart little
  • Prairie fire
  • White star, a dog on the titanic
  • Dueling three muskateers
  • White fang
This list will grow as I find books to add to the pile. Nate averages 5-6 books a month, most days he goes over 30 mins of reading…because he gets lost into the book. 
I am not a picky momteacher with literature. I want to create a love for books, there are a lot of “I don’t care, you will read” books that I chose, and a few just silly fun books for his enjoyment.  I love any novel that introduces new words, a history or time piece that has him asking me more about it, or anything that adds value to his thinking….but the books below are a must for him to read for grade 4
 Social Studies
 Upper Canada rebels                cost 5.00 bought used
i plan on finishing up the last book of the discovery canada series (Donna Ward) We will finish up the last of the 8 series books from upper Canada. LOVE this series. Worth the money. It really helped nate lay a foundation for history…..and the time line….more on that….

We will start a Canadian yr long study.  Mostly because nate is clueless with knowledge of Canada. Haha.  For real, he asked me last month why Canada has provinces.  Dude, we need to study Canada!  I started a read along book with him last week that we read together while the girls are playing, I like having him to myself as we read. He likes it too….
So a hodge podge of Canadian books…. Cost 25.00. all used of course!
I also plan on using the northwood press books on-jaques cartier
-samuel de champlain
-henry Hudson
I scored these books used for 15.00!  that’s like 75.00 savings on mint condition books!  I think ill just read the books with him, talk about it, then have him do a write up…

 I also found this fun explorers who got lost book for 5.00, Im not sure exactly what ill create with it….stay tuned on that…
 i picked up this awesome shakespeare book new from usborn books (20.00)  its an easy reader with nothing but shakespear storeis that kids can read and understand
 its a great book!

Ok. So last yr I invested ohhh about 100 in new bible material from rod and staff….. and, ok, it was AWFUL. The readers were great! The work books?!?!? Pure TORTURE for nate and i!!!!  we are just ½ through the work books….cough….its the END of the YR!

So after thinking, looking, praying and more praying. Ive decided to invest in…
Apologia- who is god? And how can I really know him? 
I have the text book, so I just need to buy the work books….so the cost is 25.00…..but im thinking, this maybe a book nate, ellie and I can read together. And to be honest, maybe put some water on that dry desert of bible…
Im so sad I “wasted” the money. Sniff, sniff.  Im sad that nate loathes bible study, and so do i.  maybe this will restart this dry area?  the workbook is irdered and should be here next week.  from what ive read and seen, i think nate and i will enjoy doing this series together

Art- we are NOT doing art this yr. nate hates it, and to be honest…..i plan art and crafts with ellie and nate joins in most days….so ill just do that….
Coding- this is chris’s domain.  I am not sure what chris is planning…
So EXCITED and overwhelmed!  I am going to put together my, very OWN history time line book for nate. This is my summer project!  Not sure when ill get to it….but ill post it when im done….cost!?!  FREE!!!!  Savings of 100! 
Poetry- nate and I did an intensive 3 month poetry study last yr, we will  skip poetry for gr 4. Other than reading the odd poem out loud…
printed out papers of this time line i plan on making.....but this pile of papers represents the state of the school room. oh my!  it looks like a bomb went off and i left it deserted....with nates school work from 2 WEEKS ago, sitting there unmarked....i am so very done with school....and i dont plan on marking the work today. hahahaha
 shelf of nates grade 4 books. there are 3 more books on order and should be here next week
 nates independent reading novels
another stack of curric choices i have on the back burner for when something that i planned on using, isnt working out...i can pull from these....and use them for gr 5

  So! There you go!  Grade flipping, FOUR!  Out line is DONE!
nate in deep thought....haha


Ursi said...

Looks great. Can't wait to have you visit so we can look through school stuff together.

mel said...

yes!!! so fun! i cant wait to chat with you, let me know if you want me to bring anything with us when we visit