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rib fest!

 chris and i took the kids to rib fest on Sunday. it was SO hot!  i was impressed with the festival, the rib booths were freaking huge.  the music was actually good and there was so much for the kids to do
 some of the rib spots
 we did ice cream and joey went nuts in the bouncy castles, with the big kids. joey was NO concept of danger. she dives into everything!
 we had nate go order his own ribs, by himself. i was really impressed with him
 then we ate. i dont normally like meat but these ribs were AMAZING.  chris's ribs were the best but nate's had more meat on them....1/3 rack of ribs was 10!  crazy!
 joey sat, tied in, and entertained us
 more joey!
 perched in her seat like a princess
 walking on the beach
it was a lot of fun....even though it was SO hot out! im totally going next year!