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charlies birthday!

 we took the kids to hali for charlies 6th BIRTHDAY!!  i can not believe our charlie girl is 6!!  where has time gone?  the kids did some hot tubbing during the day. my sis and i hot tubbed at night. with NO kids!  that was awesome. i love the hot tub!

cry threw a super fun puppy party for the kids!  who doesnt love a party and a puppy! the perfect combo!
 the fill up station
 the kids played out doors most of the time. so fun this play structure is
 my 4
 quinn taking te girls for a ride. hes a great big coz to have around
 toilet water anyone?
 puppy cupcakes?
 puppy adoption station. as part of the take home gift, we had the kids pick and adopted a puppy
 this creature showed up
 uncle chris doing charlies hair before her party
 cry rented this bouncy, and the kids used it for about 10 mins and they went back to the play set in the back yard
 i jumped too!
 take homes!
 cry serving at the waffle bar. she was saying "please help" as i snapped and grabbed a plate and helped the kids with their toppings
 ellie i dont think left charlies side
joey slept through the party
 until cup cake time. shawn yelled "CUP CAKES" and it woke joey up, she was ok with that. she had a cup cake (im kidding)
 the kids adopting their puppies
 more kids
 joey seeing her puppy
 yea!  she loves it. haha
 happy joey
 more kids. there was a lot of kids at the party
 and nate got sick. he slept on the couch in the midst of the crazy
 joey and daddy